Sue Dodge - Jackson, mi

Retiring from teaching elementary education in the Jackson Public Schools, SUE DODGE began to take sewing of crafts more seriously.  Sewing for Sue is like recess!  Because of her husband and 19 grandchildren, “From Grandma’s House” seemed like an appropriate name for her business.

In 1994 the main product was children’s bibs.  They have evolved over the years and now Sue has three sizes, all with terry on one side and cotton print on the other.  As sewing machines advanced, so did Sue’s sewing.  Almost all of the bibs contain embroidery.  “When I make them as an order I can personalize the bibs as well.  Adult clothing protectors (aka adult bibs) became one of my products when my mom needed them.  I try to make them “fun” so to bring smiles.  These are truly a needed product for our later years.  They also provide that needed protection when you’re in the car drinking coffee or eating from a fast food restaurant,” says Sue. 

Fleece came on the market a few years later and Sue had fun making blankets and a matching pillow, again for “kids” of ALL AGES!  She now miters the corners and hems the fleece with a stretch stitch so as to allow for the stretch of fleece.  “Embroidery happens” on plain colored fleece.  Orders are welcomed as she can make those personalized as well.  However, her husband, Dick, a retired math and engineering professor, will attest to the fact she has LOTS of patterned blankets already made up!

Travel pillowcases (to fit a 12” x 16” pillow) are also a very big item.  Again, she has materials to satisfy ALL AGES of both genders.  Her inventory manager/husband says I have about 800 different prints and about 1600 cases in stock.  Sue says, “numbers are his thing!”  Using a strip of Velcro as a closure on the pillowcases to keep them on the pillow nicely and to allow you to wash the cases as needed, these cases can be bought with or without the pillow form.  Sue says, “her customers enjoy them in the car, on the couch, positioning after surgery or an injury, for preschool naps, in the stroller, between aching knees and on and on and on.”

Her sister Sherry, who is married to Dick’s brother, Dan, helps the Dodges out tremendously at every show.  Sherry has a knack for knowing what looks good next to what AND answers the “do you have” questions, especially on the pillowcase patterns. Dick, the one with the Michigan hat and Dan, the one with the Michigan State hat are men of all trades.  Moving our shelving and stock (even though it is not breakable, thank goodness) is a daunting task.  Cindy and Betty, their two daughters also help us out at the Saline Shows.  Thanks to all my help, I can spend more time during my “sewing recesses”!  And thanks to Cheryl and Jim who provide such wonderful Saline shows for us to show our crafts.